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What's the best way to apply for grant funding in Australia for my Gold Coast small business?

When you need money for your company, think about using grant funding in Australia for your Gold Coast small business. Many small business owners use this funding every year. However, not every company or person that applies is awarded the funding they seek. How do committees figure out who to give the money to? They often base it on a written grant proposal. < Read more...>
Cassandra Nguyen
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Small Business Opportunities And Business Government Grants

Anyone who works in the small business environment in Australia knows that small business opportunities and business government grants go hand-in-hand. It's interesting to note what the high-growth industries are in Australia and how they have corresponding business government grants to help out interested parties. For example when you consider that 72% of Australian households have< more....>
business government grants
Allan Lee
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How should I go about finding government loans for small businesses in Australia in the Brisbane area?

Government loans may be a good option for small businesses in Australia looking to fund their Brisbane companies. These loans often come with various perks, since they're backed with government money. For example, it could be easier for somebody with poor credit to get one of these loans, rather than a traditional loan. However, circumstances and loan programs may vary from business to business. < Read more...>
Naomi White
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I need $10000 as a small business grant to get my business going in Perth

Western Australia has more than 212,000 small businesses open for business across the state offering employment, services and goods to their communities and WA works hard to encourage their growth and sustainability so a $10000 small business grant in Perth may not be as far off as you think. Defining what is a small business is sometimes a source of difficulty. One way the WA defines small business is by the number of employees with 19 or fewer employees creating the dividing line between small or medium sized businesses. < Read more...>
Allan Lee
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Can I apply online for grants to support my businesses in Cranbourne?

You can apply online for grants to support your businesses in Cranbourne and other places across Australia. Online applications can be tricky for a number of reasons. Be sure that you are applying to a legitimate organisation. More and more, online scams include professionally designed scam websites cleverly concealed to closely imitate legitimate agencies. Their careful set up and attention to detail are two ways that a scam site may deceive you. But there are ways to protect yourself from online scams as you apply for grants for your businesses. < Read more...>
Allan Lee
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