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With federal government funding for small business, you can take your enterprise further than you might imagine in a much shorter period of time. Australian government funding grants and loans help companies like yours buy equipment, improve efficiency, increase production and more. After you have determined what you need funding for, you should search for the matching funding program.

Government funding can aid your business

Australian government funds propel your business to new success. Grants can help you increase cash flow because you are not burdened by loan payments. However, determining if a loan or a grant is best for your business is based on what you need funding for and the situation of your business. Try our grant finder to find out what kinds of programs you or your company could qualify for.

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Deadlines for government funding programs occur throughout the year. In order to meet these deadlines you must be prepared to apply. Call the Australia Business Financing Centre at 1800 813 863 for more information about government funding.

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Queensland Small Business' Superfridge Gets $84,000 Development Governemnt Grant

Queensland Small Business' Superfridge Gets $84,000 Development Governemnt Grant

Green project moves forward with government grant money Theo Williams and Peter Courtenay are pushing to bring their energy-efficient Superfridge prototype to market, an understandably costly effort. The Superfridge is... View Details
Queensland Natural Therapies Clinic Finds Balance with $20,000 Government Loan

Queensland Natural Therapies Clinic Finds Balance with $20,000 Government Loan

Small business ownership benefits from government funding Suncoast Natural Therapies Clinic in Caloundra, Queensland has been a successful and well-respected small business on the Coast for nearly two decades. They... View Details

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