Access to Resources

Program Snapshot

Category:Business advantagesNational:7
Regional:14Amounts:$25,000 to $1 million

Sometimes, equipment and facilities you need to develop or research a product are beyond your business' capabilities. Through government programs you may gain access to state-of-the-art expertise, resources and facilities. Assistance is available from the government through various programs dedicated to bringing forth an innovative idea into a product ready for market. Help includes the testing of the viability of ideas, financing for development and research to product marketability. Resources are also available to help businesses with creating a business plan for their product or service.

After a product has been developed for market, advertising is oftentimes needed to raise awareness for it. There are programs available to assist businesses in developing an advertising budget, advice and guidelines on advertising, as well as financial assistance for advertising. Furthermore, the government has other assistance programs and services to help businesses to deal with any issues concerning legal regulations, intellectual property and business taxation.

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