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$1,000 Government Grant Money Makes Buying a Business from Former Employer Easier

Irrigation and landscaping services
Construction/ Professional Trades
Newcastle, New South Wales

Government Grant Money Leaves Money for other Business Funding Needs

When the opportunity came to buy a business from his previous employer, Corey Kershaw knew he would need to increase cash flow if his business was going to make it. Luckily, Corey was approved for $1,000 in Australian Government grant money.

Andrew Quixley of Andrew Quixley Eco Gardens and Corey's employer of seventeen years decided in May of 2014 that he needed to sell his business because of failing health. Corey was passionate about the irrigation and landscaping business, so the two agreed that Corey would take over some of Andrew's assets under a new name and company. Thus Corey's Pro Irrigation & Landscape was born.

"We are involved in landscape construction to a limited degree until I obtain my restricted builders licence," Corey explained of Pro Irrigation & Landscape. "We also carry out irrigation maintenance and installations."

Even with his connection to Andrew, there are expenses that arise with starting a business, and every little (relatively speaking) bit helps. To that end, Corey went online and began looking for sources of additional business funding. This search led him to the Australia Business Financing Centre (also known as the ABFC.)

Government Grant Money Increases Cash Flow

After only 8 months of operations, Corey's Pro Irrigation & Landscape was already seeing steady growth. This meant Corey needed to come up with additional business funding wherever possible to keep a steady and positive cash flow. The government assistance programs listed amongst the ABFC's information resources were of great help in this department.

"The ABFC was very helpful," Corey told us. "Once I signed up, I was given access to the government fund listings where I found the LPG rebate scheme."

After finding details on the Australian government's LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Vehicle Scheme, Corey was approved for a $1,000 government grant that, in turn, allowed him to put that money back into his small business. As many of the ABFC's business advice articles state, sometimes the government funding you obtain for a secondary purpose is the ideal solution for your immediate business funding needs.

(Corey was lucky enough to be amongst the last people accepted for the LPG Vehicle Scheme. The program was discontinued in June 2014.)

Sometimes Accessing Government Funding is Easier Than You Imagine

"The government funding was incredibly easy to obtain," Corey explained of the process. "I converted my vehicle to LPG and sent in the forms."

Corey's experience with the LPG Vehicle Scheme opened his eyes to other possibilities that could help his small business in the months and years to come.

"There are many more funding options that I will be applying for that I found on the ABFC listings."

Despite currently being his company's only employee, the nature of some of the Australian Government funding programs he learned of through the ABFC gave Corey more ideas about what he may be capable of. Corey plans to look into the possibility of using government assistance to take on more staff.

The benefits such additional government assistance could have for a small business growing as quickly as Pro Irrigation & Landscape are evident. Now that Corey has made his first step down the road to accessing Australian Government business assistance, Corey is excited about seeing his company "grow for many years to come."

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