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General funding questions

Are assistance programs still available to small businesses in Australia?

Are funding opportunities specific to the type of industry my business is involved in?

Can I access business support resources?

Can I apply to receive funding from more than one program?

Can I find out about government grants myself or hire a consultant about funding?

How do I apply for a government grant or loan program?

How quickly could my business receive funding?

If I apply, will I have to show the ATO my books or be audited?

What are government information and services programs?

What are grants in-lieu of property taxes?

What are relocation grants?

What is a conditionally repayable contribution?

What is a government grant?

What is a government loan?

What is a tax credit or a tax refund?

What is equity financing?

What is government insurance?

Where can I find more information on government grants?

Why does the government give away money?

Will my business be guaranteed to receive any funding?

Will my business type be covered by a government funding program?

Questions about the ABFC

Does the ABFC provide government grants or loans?

Has the Centre helped fund the Recipients and Success Stories on this site?

How can I contact the Australia Business Financing Centre (ABFC)?

What ABFC products and services are available and what are their costs?

What is the Australia Business Financing Centre (ABFC)?

Why does australiangovernmentgrants use a ".org" domain?

General business questions

If I have a business partner, should we apply together?

What resources are available for business owners like me?

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