Tips for better online customer service
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Small business marketing tips for better online customer service

Online customer service is something that has become just as essential as having a support number that customers can call. The idea is that you should be available online instantly, offering real-time and live support, on every channel and medium that your customers like to use. It may seem like more work, but itís actually far easier and cheaper than having paid staff sit around waiting to field calls from customers.

Take a look at these small business marketing tips on how you can improve online customer service by effectively making use of new technologies and integrating them with your existing systems.

Small business online marketing tips to improve customer service response

The key to good customer service is a prompt response and quick resolution. Web 2.0 sites that allow online interaction with your customers make it possible to respond in real time. For example, you can easily implement a live help script or widget into your website. Customers will be able to talk live to a customer service representative who will answer their questions and try to resolve their issues right away, while they are still online.

But you canít just pick something like this and be satisfied. In order to be absolutely certain that every customer is able to talk to you instantly, you need to have a blanket presence across all online mediums. Be available on social media, email, phone, online feedback forms and any other communication method a customer prefers. Casting such a wide net ensures that every single customer is able to talk to you quickly and get an immediate response on your preferred channel. That leaves them far more satisfied with your customer service than having to use the medium you chose.

Small business online marketing tips for customer service technologies

You donít have to sit around monitoring social media, email, live help and other methods. All of it can be set up so that all queries get routed through to an application that you can access from your smartphone or tablet. Anytime a new customer query pops up, you get a notification and you can respond to it on the medium the customer prefers. Itís easy and simple, doesnít require you to have a dedicated support staff, and leaves customers very happy with your 24/7 instant response to their queries.

If you need any help setting up a customer service system like this, you should consider applying for IT or marketing grants for small businesses . Government grant recipients will not only have the required funding to go ahead with these innovative systems, but will also receive technical support and all the help they need to implement it. Use our Grant Finder Tool and browse through government grants, loans and subsidies that your small business may be eligible for.


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