How to write a great tagline
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Small business marketing tips on writing a great tagline

Writing a great tagline wonít by itself help your business and brand become well known. But a simple and memorable tagline will help happy customers remember you and keep coming back for more. Speaking of happy, what comes to mind when you think of the happiest place on earth? Or a happy meal? Thatís the power a tagline has - it delivers a simple message that helps customers associate your business with a specific service or product you provide.

So how can you do this for your business? Listed below are a set of small business marketing tips on how to write a great tagline.

Small business marketing tips on what a tagline should have

A tagline is not a search optimised title that needs to have the right keywords. The idea here is to convey the spirit and personality of your business. Qantas says theyíre the spirit of Australia, and that youíre the reason they fly. Airbus says it owns the sky. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You can see how each of these taglines conveys its core message with a personality.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but their tagline is that you can come and have a good time in Vegas and not worry about it afterwards. Thatís what you should be looking for Ė a tagline that tells people what your business is famous for, as opposed to what product you sell.

Small business marketing tips on market research for creating a tagline

This is not just a creative process. Itís actually more of a market research project. If youíre just creating a tagline before or after starting a small business, then you need to study your customers and the competition to find out how you can stand out. In other words, find out what your competition is not able to provide that customers would like to have. Bring that into your tagline and marketing campaign, and it will do wonders for your business and brand.

This process may be easier for government grant recipients with the necessary small business funding for hiring a marketing agency. They can do the market research, put out surveys, and even help with the creative process of developing a tagline. Try and apply for marketing grants for small businesses. Accessing government grants will enable you to create a tagline and handle other such startup issues in a professional manner.


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