Victoria Government Funding Programs

Government Funding Snapshot

Grants: 85
Funding Potential:$100 - $3,000,000
Loans: 15
Success Average:$179,810


Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state with the second largest economy in the Country. Manufacturing has historically been Victoria's largest industry. Regardless of industry, the Government of Victoria and the Australian Government as a whole have both put forth many programs aimed at assisting the small businesses in the area with their financial and general business needs. Currently, these governments offer 15 business loan programs, 85 business grant programs and government support programs available to aid small business owners with mentorship programs, expert advice, free seminars and much more.

Government Funding Programs

Small Victoria based businesses have received up to $3,000,000 in funding in the past. If you are an entrepreneur seeking government funding for your small business try our Grant Finder to quickly and easily see which programs your small business is eligible for and how much funding you can receive.

Success Stories

For a listing of some of the Victoria based entrepreneurs who have received government funding in the past, take a look at the current list of the Victoria based successful funding recipients and read about their success stories.

These entrepreneurs received, on average, $179,810 in government grant or loan money from the Government of Australia.

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