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What ABFC products and services are available and what are their costs?

ABFC provides a searchable online database of government grants and loans offered by the Australian Government. This constantly updated cloud platform software is offered for at a cost of $479.00.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital products; such as software, we do not offer refunds. But, upon obtaining funding for your business from one of the programs in our software. Call us to share the details of your experience as well as a proof of funding and we will pay you a consultation fee of $299. We use your success stories as a marketing and educational tool for our other business owners.

Further, upon your business having a website we will pay you an additional $89 to exchange logos and web links so that we may add it on each otherís websites as business affiliates. This again provides us with marketing and assistance to help other business owners, while also helping you to market your business. The request form can be found here.

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